Public speaking is the #1 way to position yourself as an expert in your field and get more clients.

Many coaches know the power of public speaking at group events
but get stuck on the how, what, when and where.


If you're ready to incorporate speaking into your coaching practice but…

- Feel stuck on the how-to's and best practices
- Don't know how to make money at it
- Are unsure how to use speaking to attract clients
- Don't have a clear blueprint or plan of attack
- Don't want to learn by trial and error

I can help.

Spend a highly-productive, super-focused day with me and four others to learn, develop and implement a clear plan for successfully incorporating public speaking into your business.
Taking an intensive deep-dive. Busting through obstacles, finding answers, cutting through the clutter to get you moving.

Your Public Speaking Boot Camp delivers:

  • A fully customized program designed by you and for you
  • One-on-one access to a renowned international speaker and best-selling author
  • Boot-camp-style format for momentum and quick result
  • Greater confidence, direction, focus and ANSWERS.

Some examples of areas we can cover in the boot camp include:

  • Speaking for Marketing and Revenue- Create your own system for using public speaking to attract paying clients and create a second revenue stream. The who, what, how and where will all become clear.
  • Business Programs- Define/gain clarity around the collection of services you offer in your business (i.e. one-on-one, groups, seminars, tele-classes, webinars, keynotes, etc.) and all the juicy details.
  • Ideal Client/Audience- Define WHO you best serve, identify their needs, and create a plan to find them.
  • Packages & Fees- Figure out when and what to charge. Create value-added packages (tier-based, program-based, ala carte, hourly, retainers, etc.) then set your fees at what you are worth (coaching and speaking).
  • Business Set-up- Craft processes and procedures to run the speaking part of your business smoothly and professionally. What tools are necessary right now? How do your clients “flow” into and through your funnel? Get systems in place to stay organized and work smart.
  • Speaking opportunities- Where will you speak? How will you get booked? Will you do public or private events? How will you "close the deal"? Get these answers and more.
  • Elevator Pitch/30-second message- Craft strong, concise descriptions that represent your business, brand and speaking programs. One that is you and one that you love.
  • Speech Writing- Create an outline, basic content and a catchy title for your next/first speech. I have a super effective system to coach this out of you.
  • Speech Coaching – Once you have your speech outlined, you’ll want to nail the delivery. I will coach you so you can deliver your speech with confidence, ease, and authenticity. (Only available with in-person packages)

I guarantee that working with me will give you more clarity, competence and confidence in your speaking skills, delivery and selling.  
You will have plans, programs, processes, tips and tricks, a highly-reduced learning curve and lots of support.


The next Speaking Boot Camp will be held at the Portland Happiness Center, in beautiful Portland, Oregon. You will walk away with greater confidence, direction, focus and ANSWERS.

Where - 650 NE Holladay st, conference room

When - June 4th, from 10am till 4pm 

How Much - $697 per person (coffee and lunch included)

There are only 4 slots available so register today by filling out the form and making payment!

Call Jennifer Powers.
(503) 409-0022

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