• Are you ready to attract more clients?

  • Wanna make more money?

  • Need to build credibility?

Public Speaking is the number one way to get more coaching clients, generate additional revenue and position yourself as an expert in your field. Many coaches know the power of public speaking and may be ready to get out there, but get stuck on the how, what, when, and where.

Are you ready to incorporate speaking into your coaching practice but…

  • Feel stuck on the how-to’s and best practices?
  • Don’t know how to make money at it?
  • Feel unsure how to use speaking to attract coaching clients?
  • Don’t have a clear blueprint or plan of attack?
  • Don’t want to learn by trail and error?

You may have questions like...

How do I start? What is my message? Where can I find opportunities to speak? How do I get clients? Do I charge a fee?

All of the above is important to consider if you’re going to make public speaking a marketing tool to grow your business. And you absolutely can…with a little help.

Having spoke to over 250,000 people, I bring over a decade of experience on the speaking circuit directly to you in this two part audio program Public Speaking to Build your Biz.

In this highly informative class you will:

  • Get clear on your ideal audience, topic and title  
  • Learn a fast and proven system for crafting your speech
  • Discover tools and strategies to keep your audience engaged
  • Find out where and how to get booked to speak
  • Decide if you will charge a fee and how much
  • Learn specific tricks to promote your coaching before, during and after the talk.


  • Public speaking as a marketing tool and revenue stream
  • Your personal goals for speaking
  • Your ideal audience
  • Different types of speaking opportunities
  • How to get started/Honing your skills
  • Choosing a topic, title and length for your talk
  • An easy and proven formula for writing a speech
  • Keeping audience engaged


  • Writing a marketable synopsis
  • Tools in the toolbox
  • To charge or not to charge (and if so, how much?)
  • Useful forms and templates
  • How to promote your coaching to enroll clients BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the talk


OPTION #1 - Personal workbook + four hours of value-packed audio for $99

OPTION #2 - Personal workbook + four hours of value-packed audio + one 55-minute 1:1 telephone coaching session with Jennifer for $299

Want some 1:1 mentor coaching to build your speaking biz? 
So smart you are! HEAD HERE and check out my Public Speaking Boot Camp!