I have spent over a decade testing and rating tons of third-party resources that help me run my business better.
Below are a list of my favorite tools that I KNOW will end your searching AND help you function at a higher level by working smarter, not harder. Full disclosure, a few of these are affiliate links and may give me and/or you a reward of some sort. ENJOY!

My clients have been paying me with their credit cards through PayPal from day one of my biz and I am pleased as punch. It is easy to use, no monthly fees,  it sends invoices and does not require clients to have a PayPal account. 

This is the most comprehensive client portal for coaches out there. I have tried many and this is the best. It does everything but the dishes and it does it consistently well.

If you are looking for a solid coach training certification program (or continuing education in coaching) look no further. CTA teaches you both coaching and business building AND you will have paying clients by the time you're finished the course. BONUS: I'm on the faculty. Wanna be in my class?

I switched over from Constant Contact years ago and never looked back. Super user-friendly and free until you exceed 2000 subscribers. BONUS: Click on THIS LINK and get $30 credited to your account when you sign up.

STOP THE MADNESS and free yourself from the chains and cost of a web designer. It. Is. So. Easy. Within a couple of hours you can have a beautifully designed site up and running and a shopping spree with all the dough you saved.

Squarespace is the fierce competition of Wix. If you'd like to explore all your options for a website builder you'll wanna check this one out. It's super easy to use, can be up in just a few hours and you may find a design template you like better here.

This is my best kept secret. I record my sessions, get audio testimonials, send clients audio emails, record my tele-classes, make audio products and produce a podcast!  I heart Audio Acrobat.

Wanna be able to swipe credit cards in person or manually input the digits from your client's card? Square has got you covered. PayPal offers a card reader, but I find Square's to be a bit more reliable. Plus the reader is free and there's no monthly fee.

Yes, Vista Print is a good go to for business card printing. But if you want to stand out, head to MOO. I get their minis. So fun. So memorable. BONUS: CLICK HERE and get 25% off your first order.