You probably know this but...

Top organizations across the globe are infusing coaching into their organizational culture by making coaching
available to leaders/managers AND educating them on how to use coaching skills in their roles. 
They are creating a COACHING CULTURE and the results are mind-blowing.

International Coach Federation   in partnership with Human Capital Institute, 2015

International Coach Federation in partnership with Human Capital Institute, 2015


  • Disconnect between management and staff
  • Low morale, low performance, and low buy-in
  • Resistance to change
  • Poor communication
  • Unproductive/inefficient leadership
  • Unpleasant corporate culture
  • Ineffective delivery of performance reviews

A COACHING CULTURE can change all of that.

Creating a coaching culture means expanding coaching practices to a broader scope, impacting the ENTIRE ORGANIZATION and energizing ALL EMPLOYEES from the top to bottom and laterally.

This is best done through a combination of methods including 1) external coaches 2) training internal coaches 3) offering coach training to leaders and managers.

I AM a Master-level coach and trainer who has:

  • Obtained the highest earned credential (MCC) from the International Coach Federation placing me in the top 3% of coaches worldwide
  • Delivered compelling keynotes and workshops to over 250,000 people worldwide
  • Trained high-performing professionals & executives in the art of coaching for over a decade
  • Positively impacted hundreds of teams and corporate cultures through coaching & training

MY COACH TRaining PROGRAMS are guaranteed to get results
Seriously. Guaranteed.

  • Would you like to improve communication, leadership and performance?
  • Would you like to increase accountability, productivity and efficiency?
  • Would you like to create a coaching culture in your organization?

High-performing organizations are turning to coaching as their secret weapon to check ALL of those boxes.

If you want in, I can help.

Perfect for the organization that is serious about creating a coaching culture, these extensive professional development programs combine skill-building training and personal coaching that get results.

Coach Training + Group Coaching +/- Private Coaching

Six to twelve-month program will turn your team or organization into a well-oiled, productive and confident coaching machine. Focusing solely on teaching your team how to use powerful coaching skills to impact performance +accountability to ensure it sticks, your staff, team, and leadership will get results you only see in your dreams.

1-1 COACH TRAINING & mentoring program for managers/leaders

Four to six-month one-on-one training program designed for leaders and managers who are ready to incorporate coaching into their everyday interactions. Combining both structured lessons and personal coaching sessions, leaders walk away with confidence and competence to coach their people to success.

Emotional Intelligence* (EQ) Assessments + Debriefing + Private Coaching

Four-month program one-on-one program designed to build awareness and change behavior through an Emotional Intelligence approach. Individual and/or 360 EQ assessments and debriefing build the awareness, while individual coaching puts it to work. Top that with an action plan and an accountability system and your business will do an about face and never look back.

*Emotional intelligence is the capacity of individuals to recognize their own, and other people's emotions, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.

Perfect for off-sites, retreats, and conferences, this training program gives participants foundational instruction and hands-on experience using coaching to positively impact their performance, leadership skills, and communication.

Basic Coach training
instruction + Hands-on practice + Accountability

Half or full-day training designed to introduce skills, applications and a coaching mindset. Includes three months of accountability meetings and group calls to make sure it sticks. Your team and leadership will learn how to communicate in a whole new way while your organization moves one step closer to building a coaching culture. 

Don't miss the boat -why coaching should be on your radar

This 60-minute presentation introduces the basic concepts of coaching and how it can literally transform an organization. Relevant examples and interactive learning make this a very thought-provoking session that will get participants excited about incorporating this powerful tool into their work.

Blaine Doman, Esq.

Blaine Doman, Esq.

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a seminar like yours and I had forgotten how important they are. You remind me of Tom Hopkins in his early years- full of vim and vigor and overrunning with wisdom and sage advise.
Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to have either met or listened to some great motivators such as W.Clement Stone; Og Mandino ; Zig Ziglar; Earl Nightingale; Dr. Robert Schuller and Tom Hopkins. You are in great company! I wish you continued success and I look forward to seeing you again.

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